About Us

To address the need of sharpening India Inc’s competitive edge through better Logistics and Supply Chain practices,  CII Institute of Logistics (CIL)was established in 2004 by the Confederation of Indian Industry as a Center of Excellence in Logistics and Supply Chain.

At CII Institute of Logistics we create a platform for the Industry to gain more insights into the emerging trends, industry specific problems of national importance and global best practices in logistics & supply chain management. We enable the industry to cut down the transaction cost, increase efficiency, and enhance profitability and enable to sensitize and bring solutions to macro level issues.

The Vision:
CII Institute of Logistics to become an International Centre of Excellence in Logistics and SCM and to facilitate Indian industry to be referred in Global Business for its Best Practices in SCM and Logistics.

The Mission:
CII Institute of Logistics to be a platform to create and share intellectual capital for reducing transaction cost and improving competitiveness, in the process nurture the skills of Logisticians and ensure adoption of Best Practices in Logistics and SCM through online and offline activities.

Since 2004, CII Institute of Logistics, the country’s premier Centre of Excellence in logistics and SCM, has enabled a number of exemplary success stories in logistics.

The Centre has the pride of having the following eminent people as vision holders to guide and support the secretariat. Click here to view our Academic Advisory Council.

Mr R Dinesh


CII Institute of Logistics

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