Students' Chapter

In this era of digital information, the easiest thing for any person is finding search results matching their thought process at any preferred time. As we explore seamless possibilities by means of digitization, it is significant to identify the genuinity of the information and connecting it properly with the real ground circumstances by a qualified mentor at any point of time.

The very normal interest of any graduate student to obtain knowledge and guidance for pursuing an advanced degree or begin to function as a member of a particular professional areamay still be evolving. Thisexplores the need of a genuine Industry expert/professional mentors to support and navigate you at the right career path.

In this context, CII Institute of Logistics has established “CII IL STUDENTS CHAPTERS” to mentor the student fraternitypursuing Logistics and supply chain located throughout the country.

Addressing the needs of logistics industry sector by seeding intellectual knowledge and best practices among students for finest employability and career prospects.
Student Chapters provide unique opportunities for mentoring and bonding over common interests of up skilling.
Training on Business communication and personality development to succeed interviews.
Training on Business communication and personality development to succeed interviews.
  • Talks by industry practitioners
  • Functional and career guidance through Facebook
  • Quiz Contests as a part of preparations for examinations
Capsule Session
  • 2 Hrs of clarification (clearance of doubts) session on Weekendsthroughout the year
  • E Certificates to participants
  • Subjects Covered: SCM, Logistics, Operations, Global Business, EXIM, TQM, ERP, AI, IOT
60-60 Certificate Programme on Logistics and Supply Chain
  • 60 days – 60 hours -60 minutes
  • Covers all subjects of Logistics and supply chain
Concepts on LSCM
Drivers of LSCM
Advanced Technologies cross application
Industry best practices
Mr. K Syam Sundar
Deputy Director
Phone: +91-44-66360314