To bridge the gap between the stake holders and the government and to address need for effective policy change, Institute of logistics with its intensified network organizes events and conferences across the country in the areas of logistics and supply chain.

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Events Calendar 2022

Global Digital Conferencing & Exhibition


22 April, Friday

Global Supply Chain Summit is out of serious market research, considering changing business environment with emphasis to demographic aspects and significant influence over changing demands of customers. This conference is specifically focused on causative factors of Next Generation Supply Chain for agility to adapt the changes and demands of next generation.


22 June, Wednesday

Logistics Summit, proven to provide an excellent opportunity for a Comprehensive Update of logistic sector by focusing dynamics and opportunities through the entire spectrum of stake holders of logistics; which will enable trade for strategic advancement with high degree of adaptability to the future trend.


26 August, Friday

E-commerce Retail Supply Chain and Packaging, is extremely important in today's business environment. The conference analyses emerging delivery models and technology innovations aiding growth. Further the conference also deals with new packaging technologies and asserts need for green packaging in supply chains.


12 October, Wednesday

Transitioning to innovative technology platforms and higher standards necessitate fundamental changes. This conference attempts to give insights into successful transitions of auto supply chains and introduces new trajectories of supply chain excellence.


25 November, Friday

Building Warehouse Competitiveness is aimed at consolidating its key position in logistics sector. Driving a new professional outlook through establishment of industry standards, encouraging learning and innovative culture and adapting digital technologies are to sustain profitability. The conference incorporates such aspects for sustainable warehousing towards building and enhancing competitiveness of Indian logistics sector.

Mr. John Varghese

Mr. Riyaz