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CII’s Warehouse Excellence Certification

Warehouse Certification is a new endeavour by CII, which not only assesses but also certifies the overall functionality of the warehouse. This certification process will enable the service provider to understand the current level and upgrade to the next level and also helps end user to choose their appropriate collaborative partner that will suit their supply chain design.

The CII Institute of Logistics will administer the warehouse certification process. According to the model, the level of certification has four categories namely, Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. Based on the overall functions of warehouse encompassing the various factors for efficient functioning.

We would be assessing the warehouse facility on various parameters and functions that are essential to run and manage an efficient warehouse. The core areas of the assessment will be on Administration; Infrastructure; Intra-structure; Technology; Operations; Risk & Safety. Warehouse certification will help in developing a roadmap for future growth, set benchmarks and have defined improvement plan. This process will also help in integrating the intra and inter linkage of the supply chain which will certainly benefit all those associated in this process. Warehouse certification will benefit all the warehouses which already exist, new generation ones, those functioning under the Logistics Park, SEZ and FTWZ.


CII – Institute of Logisitics offers Warehouse certification process for the benefits of business in India to;

  1. To enable the warehouse service provider to assess their operation/process
  2. business and end user service

Benefits of WAREX:
  • To facilitate the Indian warehousing industry to achieve world class levels
  • To decrease the logisitics costs spend and increase the turnover
  • To identify key areas for improvement
  • Act as a critical marketing tool to promote their business
  • Helps in reducing cost and increase efficiency etc.
How to Get Certified?
  • Receiving filled Application from the facility
  • Approval of the Application
  • Introductory Visit
  • Submission of Questionnaire
  • Receipt of the Filled in Questionnaire
  • Warehouse Visit & Assessment by Expert team
  • Report Submission
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